Wheels INSIDE Wheels

 You may be wondering what this supposed "puzzle" thing is ,or what it's suppose to make.....  Well my reply is, wait and find out.  It's a work in progress, and I can promise you when it's done, you'll be AMAZED.  If you want a downloadable link to this video, go to my Bandcamp site an buy one of my tracks for a buck.  Just message me and let me know you've bought a song, and I'll send you the download link.  If you want the video and a poster-sized, downloadable and printable image of the finished product (when it's completed in the near future, and when some of my milestones have been met,) you can purchase my entire discography on badcamp for a few bucks more.  When a milestone is met (such as 5,000 Instagram Followers for instance) I then will release the next step of the "Secret Puzzle."  My bandcamp link is back on the home page of this site.  Please FOLLOW ME on my social media sites, and save me to your library on your favorite music streaming sites (Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music......) and by doing that, we'll get to my milestones faster, which means I can reveal the next step in this "puzzle", sooner.  I can tell you one thing about this puzzle, the very first step was not made by me, it was gifted to me almost 30 years ago by ?????????  I've spent over 25 years (on and off of course) messing with the "gift" that was left for me to find.  What a cool coincidence that it's finally coming together at the same time that I'm making some decent electronic music.  The next few weeks/months should be interesting.  I've also got new music releasing every friday for the next month (today is 10/29/21.)  Just wait and you'll see.  Don't forget to follow me , so we can get the ball rollin'....TELL A FRIEND OR TWO AS WELL...  GOD BLESS AND TAKE CARE.
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